Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Cast Of A New Buddy Movie? Why Not.

Couldn't these guys be the new cast for something like Wild Hogs III? You've got the four pals hanging out, each with his own attitude. You can see the one on the left just isn't quite a part of the group. He's the loner who could just as easily go off on his own. That is unless you understand that he probably needs to group more than the other three. Without his buddies he'd end up in a corner in a fetal position babbling to himself. You've got the curmudgeon, the fellow second from the left. No matter what's going on he'll give a downer of a commentary about the state of the world in general. The only problem is that he secretly wants to push the boundaries. He'd hold it in with great reserve but be tickled with each step toward the more outrageous. He wants to have fun, he just doesn't want people to see him enjoying himself. The haughty one is the third chap in. The one with the chin up. He could be walking around not knowing his zipper is undone, but having an air of confidence that neither man nor beast can shake. His deal is the fact that he would shrink, for about two seconds, when he learned about that zipper but bounce back to the peacock role just as fast. The last of the teammates is the planner. He looks for signals that the group is headed in the direction he's set. He probably won't have as much fun as the other three because he too busy coordinating things. He needs to lighten up. To find out what this motley crew has in common, hit the "read more".

 What do these guys have in common? It's in the eyes. More specifically, it's in the eye. There was only one of the birds that had his eye open when the shutter was clicked. The haughty guy has his head back too far to be able to see his eye and the front two had their eyes closed. Guess it doesn't only happen at weddings. I had to "borrow" the one good eye and plug it in to the birds needing to be able to see. A little twisting and shaping plus some Opacity reduction had them looking like they were wide eyed and bushy tailed right from the start.

The clouds might look familiar to those who have followed the blog from some time. It was used in the image of the fireman's hat and the flag and as recently as last week in the far background of the image of the fences. An image is the sum of its parts. Ideally everything comes together when the shutter snaps. That only happens occasionally, like the shot of Nubble Light. The clouds there were that spectacular and we happened to be there at the right time. There are times when you're lucky and times when you're skilled. If you shoot enough you might be surprised at how often the two merge.