Friday, January 4, 2013

Ya Wanna Make A Buck Using Photoshop?

Today's image is a combination of a couple different "styles" that are somewhat popular in a few Photoshop (Adobe Photoshop CS6) circles.  The OOB (Out of Box) type of thing is one, where pieces of the subject extend beyond the edges of a pseudo frame.  Another is using an ordinary image to create a far out of focus background.  The third is using lightning bolts and paint splatters  to add excitement and go a little "artistic" to make a saleable image.  Shoot a few of these at a motocross event, play with them, bring samples to the next event and the riders will be falling all over themselves throwing money at you for prints.  If you decide to try something like making sales at an event, look into using a Square or Payanywhere device for you smart phone.  One idea would be to take a minimal payment for doing the work (say $25.00) and providing an online ordering mechanism.  SmugMug  or a similar service would be the way to control the final order fulfillment process.  One of the big caveats I'd suggest would be switching up the background for each rider based on the colors of the bike or riders suit.  These guys are a pretty close knit group and could end up at each other's homes.  It might be a little awkward to have the same basic image up on the wall, all framed up nice and just the riders switched out.  Seems a little lazy if you ask me.  For a few more thoughts on making this type of thing a sideline business, hit the "Read More"

There's paperwork to be done besides swiping a credit card through a mobile reader.  It would be nice if you could just hand the rider (or whatever athlete you're shooting) a card and trust them order the final print.  That's probably not the way to maximize sales.  You're at "an event".  Things get lost.  If they don't know where they put your card, whatcha gonna do when they can't come for you?  Go to them.  They've given you a minimal "down payment" to do the work.  You gotten them to sign some documentation (including a model release) so you can identify who you have been contracted by to do the work.  Once the paperwork is signed, take a shot of them holding the signed paperwork and showing their rider number so you can match up who and what.  Once the image is ready, send the person an email with the URL to the website where they can buy a print.  I'd limit the sizes available.  You wouldn't want to put some work into an image and then have someone buy an 8 x 10.  You're making "artwork" to be hung on a wall, so make it big enough to be hung.  Start at a 16 x 20 and go up from there.

One nice thing about going with something like SmugMug is that they offer ancillary items.  Maybe an add on sale could be a mug or a mousepad.  There's no sense to being one and done.  Another recommendation might be not to make it an obsession.  If there's a sport you like and follow, why not make a couple bucks on it?