Monday, August 17, 2015

Sometimes Photoshop Just Can't Do A Person Justice

The fellow in today's post is a friend.  That's a word I don't take lightly.  I have many acquaintances, some I like more than others.  But, the term friend has special meaning to me.  The guy in today's post is ninety five years old.  He lives in the same "active over 55" village we do and is truly "active".  His name is John.  Early in what he calls another life he was a photographer for Kodak.  Kodak doesn't hire bums as their official, shoot the world photographers.  At least they didn't.  Somewhere, in mid-life, he changed careers.  He became what I know him as, a master woodworker.  He's still at it.  He's the monitor at the village wood shop on Sunday mornings.  In the heat of the summer or the frigid air of winter the shop can get pretty lonely for most of the monitors, but not during John's shift.  When he's in charge there's always people there to see what he's doing, to learn from him, to enjoy the treasure we have in our midst.  
Here's a link to a 1982 article about John from the New York Times.