Friday, December 17, 2010

A Reprise Of An Early Image

Today’s image was one of the earlier postings on the blog.  It’s up at Acadia National Park in Maine.  If you’re looking for a vacation place in the north eastern US, to go have a good time, to commune with nature and get some really iconic shots, Acadia is a place to go.  The whole area is packed with places to get good shots.  You can find Puffins one peninsula away.  Maine has to have fifty lighthouses along the coast.  Every time you wonder down one of the fingers jutting out into the sea there’s a lighthouse at the end of the road.   There are harbors you’ve undoubtedly seen on calendars, posters, advertisements, artwork, and probably in your aunt Millie’s postcards about her trip to Maine.  Acadia has water: lakes, the ocean, a fjord and streams, carriage roads with stone bridges and wooded lanes.  Many of the shots are either right outside your car or a very short walk down a path.  Today’s image came about on the side of the road.  We were driving along Park Loop Road and came to a fork.  Left led back down into Bar Harbor and right continued on the loop road.  We sailed down the left fork, only to slam on the brakes and back up back to the fork.  Today’s image is a result of pulling the car off the road and stepping out the door.  You can’t tell if we were on the side of the road or deep along one of the many hiking trails.  It’s like that all over the island.  If you like shots of quaint little towns, Bar Harbor is great.  If you like harbors filled with pleasure boats, Southwest Harbor is nice.  If working harbors are your thing, complete with fishing boats, Northeast Harbor will beckon you.  I made a real nice pano of the golf course there.  You’ve got the “rock bound coast”, a sandy beach, thundering waves and sunrises/sunsets like you wouldn’t believe.  You can probably tell that the coast of Maine is one of our favorite places to visit.  Today’s image is so straight forward you can ignore the “read more” at the bottom of the posting.  Today’s image is a straight shot.  The colors are bumped up, the image sharpened and a vignette applied. Other than that it’s as is.  Hope you enjoy the shot and let me know what you think after you visit America’s first National Park east of the Mississippi.  It is a special place.  You might want to bounce back a few pages and checkout some of the earlier work from the Kayview Gallery.  Thanks for the read.