Monday, November 18, 2013

A Friend Has That Currier & Ives Look Down Pat

I never begrudge anything anyone can do in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.  I'm always either trying to learn new things or figure out how someone did something.  I recently saw a couple images by a friend and frequent reader of these posts (Hi Ed).  He's come up with an old timey, Currier & Ives type look to some of his landscapes.  Very, very interesting look.  He asked me for some pointers on how to extract objects from images.  I think we need to trade tips.  Today's image is an attempt to take a shot at going for the old time feeling.  It works, just not as good as Ed's.  Couple of things.  It is an HDR image with quite a bit of post processing in both PS and LR/ACR (Adobe Camera Raw).  With the Creative Cloud version of PS (PSCC) you can use ACR as a filter.  As long as you make the Layer a Smart Object you can pop back and forth into and out of ACR as often as you'd like.  Great for tweaking things as you go.  You doing something "straight" to an image, jump over to ACR.  Doing anything that needs a Mask, bounce back to PS.  Compositing images, use PS.  Just remember where your base image came from, 'cause that's where it'll go back to when you eventually do a Save and Close.  (Notice I said Save and not Save As.)  If you use LR as a DAM tool (Digital Asset Management) and you go to PS to do something that requires PS you should probably use "Copy With Lightroom Adjustments" (CTRL E to get to the dialog box and then use the top option).  That eliminates the need to do the old fashioned "make a copy of your Background Layer just in case" thing.  People used to do that to protect their original image.  If you "use a copy" you're not touching the original, so you don't need that copy of the Background Layer.  When it's time to Save your creation it'll be put back right beside the original images (or set of images in the case of HDR or panoramas.  But, what's up with today's image.  To find out, hit the "Read More".
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday Q & A: Where The Hell Have I Been

It really hasn't been too much of question in the real world, but for people who are readers of The Kayview Gallery it got some attention.  The gallery is featured on under the Photoshop section.  One of the things that happens there is that you sort of slide down the pecking order unless you post frequently.  After a couple weeks you tend to drop off the bottom of the page.  When I recently posted the shot of a Santa Claus looking guy (my brother-in-law), the gallery was back to being included on Alltop.  That's where a couple of notes came from asking what had happened.  What happened was that we moved.  Now, that shouldn't explain a four month sabbatical, but that was it.  Our explanation of why we were selling was that we had an eight room house and we used three.  The kitchen, the bedroom and the playroom/den/tv room, whatever.  The boys are gone, the excess rooms were either dust or junk collectors, we aren't (never have been) into liking yardwork or snow shoveling, so what was the point of staying.  Today's image is a cell phone shot of the front of our nice new (to us) condo.  Now instead of eight rooms and using three, we have four rooms and use three.  The condo actually has more room than the house had before the addition.  The master bedroom suite is smaller than we had at the house (but then again most master bedroom suites [in "normal" houses] are less than 650 sq. ft.).  The living room/dining room is larger, the kitchen is about a wash and the second bedroom now (for the moment) collects dust and junk (er, useful items used for photography).  To find out why it's taken almost four months to get back to some resemblance of order, hit the "Read More".

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Guess Who My Brother-In-Law Is?

Yeah, that's my brother-in-law.  My wife's "little" brother.  We were over and he'd asked me to find something online for him.  I'd found something I thought might fit the bill, so I handed him my iPad.  That's the "main" lighting for today's image.  He was sitting "Archie Bunker like" in his favorite chair.  I knew the light was dim and cranked up the ISO on a Nikon D300 to 3000.  (Far above what "should be" a reasonable sensitivity setting to avoid noise.)  The shutter speed was 1/15 sec, hand held.  It should have been a mess of a shot, but, with a little work, came out okay.  There's a couple other things I should "confess" to.  The background was his dining room, his shirt was blue and he's actually eighteen years old (no, that last piece is not true).  To find out what became of the dining room and the blue shirt, hit the "Read More".

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