Thursday, May 7, 2009

Simple Memories

Almost everyone takes pictures while on vacation. People say they're trying to save memories. In the days of film photography the resulting photos would end up in a drawer, a shoe box or, if the person was very organized, an album. Only problem with albums is that they end up in a drawer, a shoebox, ... In today's digital era the "shoebox" is a harddrive, a CD-ROM or DVD. Basically, nothing has changed. The images are looked at right after they're shot and then go into a black hole, almost never to be seen again.

Let's face it, vacation pictures are typically recordings of events in our lives, not showroom class photography. If you cull through the vacation's pictures you may come out with a couple that capture the essence of the places visited. Such is the case of the shots shown with this post. All taken on Bear Skin Neck in Rockport, MA. None would be able to stand on it's own to give the feeling of the time spent on the Neck between rain drops. But, together they give a sense of the things to be found in a tourist area without appearing to be the typical "tourist shots".

The bottom (the anchor) sets the tone, identifying place. The other three shots are little tiny "pieces" of Bear Skin Neck on the day we were there. This type of print, framed or made into a calendar or just tacked up on a corkboard, can be a frequent peek at a very special weekend spent away from home and studio. It also serves as a reminder that it's the small things that matter. If you have a larger format printer, print large. If you don't have a printer capable of larger than 8.5 x 11, take a look at Costco or other discount photo outlets. A 12 x 18, at Costco, is less than $3.00.