Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to U.S.

If you've been following this blog you've probably noticed most of the images are not subtle. They tend to smack you up along side your head. I'm not going to pretend that the colors in today's image are not fully saturated, but there is a subtlety that takes a moment to see. One of the details of this shot (composite) is the placement of the flag. There are three silos and the flag could have been put on any of them. The reasoning behind using the middle silo was to give the "breeze" somewhere to blow. If the flag had been put on the far right silo the edge of the flag would have bumped up against the edge of the frame. It would have looked pretty awkward and have been a distraction rather than an element. To check out the subtle part of the image "read more".

When you look at the image you basically see three colors. Yes, there is the pale green of the roofs, but cool colors tend to recede and it isn't a big color element. The big, bold colors of the scene reflect the colors found in the flag, giving an overall patriotic feeling. In about 80% of the image the colors you see are either red, white or blue. Here we have a case of using color to tell a story. The flag is a very small part of the shot, but it takes on more than it's physical share of importance due to the repeating colors found in the rest of the image. We, at the gallery would like to take a moment and wish everyone following our little stories a very good 4th of July. Like most of the holidays during any given year, rather than thinking of the moment, think of the meaning. Have a good weekend.